Of clouds, mushrooms and long trails that lead nowhere…

Kodaikanal is cold. Well, at least colder then most of the country and that pretty much explains why people flock to this awesome hill station every summer. We felt the temperature getting lower as we made our way up the hill and our ears kept popping due to the change in altitude, the view it self was breathtaking and looked like some place from Middlearth.

The taxi guys were on us even before we got our asses of the bus, and when we declined, they tried to sell us their next product: Magic mushrooms. For a fair price of 500 rupees per dozen. Pretty much everyone knows that the shrooms are one of the main attractions of the place and it seemed like every other guy was selling. We walked 4 miles towards Vattakanal and away from the little town. We got ourselves a cozy little cottage beside a tiny waterfall that passed from right before the house (you had to cross a small bridge to get across.)

Kodai is about 7,200 km above sea level, so you’re pretty much in the clouds, there is always mist around and it’s trippy as hell…especially if you’re on mushrooms 😉 The guy who rented us the cottage also happened to sell shrooms and pot. He was a 50 something typical hippie looking guy with a nappy beard and long hair, and always wore psychedelic t-shirts. We bought 9 dozens for 450 a dozen (the dried ones are 350) and a bag of pot for 500 bucks. We ate the shrooms along with some local “home-made” chocolate that a lot of stores sold, rolled a fattie, and took off into the mist.IMG_20150515_121854

About an hour later we were pretty sure we were the happiest motherfuckers on the hill, euphoria on a high place with nature around you engulfed in smoky mist is an intense combination. The green of the trees stands out like neon, and the mist just puts you off guard, so every few mins someone or the other just stops and stares into nothing. We picked up a random trail and followed it till we were pretty much lost before sitting down on the wet growth and rolling one. Just a bunch of guys, in the middle of nowhere, shooting the shit, laughing like hyenas, stoned out of our heads.    IMG_20150516_151124 IMG_20150516_151210

For the next couple of days we pretty much did the same thing, eating more and more every time (resistance builds up pretty quick) and we would just walk off in any direction that pleased us. If the trail we were following split, it took forever to decide which way to take, perhaps because verbal communication just seemed so funny and alien. We just didn’t get each other. We avoided people as much as we could, or as we called them…”AI” (too many video games). all most every time things got a little hairy, it was because people were around.


The return journey was a pain, in all senses of the word. We were tired and our legs hurt like a bitch. I could feel the heat welcoming me back about 1 hour into the journey.

At a restaurant high as a kite...i wonder what he's seeing?
At a restaurant high as a kite…i wonder what he’s seeing?