From time to time i see some really random things around me or hear something in the news or see something on the internet that really strikes a chord and gets me thinking. Would i do that if i could? There’s a famous song by the verve called ”bitter sweet symphony” (you probably heard the song but if you didn’t you need to check it out NOW) in which the lead singer walks down the street bumping into people, knocking them down and blissfully ignoring them, all the time singing. He even walks over a car and ticks of the girl but doesn’t miss a stride or a verse . Now i wanna do that. But coming from where i come from, I might get my ass handed to me if i walk down a street knocking people down, but it has an attraction to it, something about being reckless and not caring about the consequences and walking straight on (i can change, i can change). So now every time i’m walking down a street or anywhere that’s got people walking for that matter, i have an urge to start singing and walk straight into them. Of course i wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t. Or maybe i could. Maybe i will. And if someone starts pounding me i can always make a run for it.