Congratulations to the gay community….I guess?

Marriage itself shouldn’t be a legal institution, why people would fight for their right to enter into a threesome with their partner and the government is beyond me. This might not be popular opinion, (Or maybe it is if we both happen to hangout in the same corners of the internet) but marriage is probably one of the most dubious things humans came up with. I mean, we came up with some pretty dumb shit but this one is a whopper. If you think you’re with the right partner, why this need for external validation? You do everything you’re doing now, except its not a contract, more like a trust based relationship based on mutual consent (sound familiar?). Think about it, the whole marriage concept sounds like some very insecure people came up with it, and as if that’s not enough they came up with the whole prenup thing. What kind of empty people would consciously do this? If material things hold such importance to people, maybe said people shouldn’t enter into such a supposedly sacred bond in the first place. And the ones who do enter into this three ring circus sideshow don’t go easy on the ones who DO choose to abstain from marriage. A taboo almost in some places. And as for the gay community, its welcome to the land of no sense.