Random realizations that may or may not mean anything.

“Self help is masturbation, now self destruction…”

Life is simple. you’re here, then you die. what you do in the mean time means nothing to the universe and yet means everything to you. So if you’re the universe…

People look up to other people. Their parents, teachers, the guy who seems to have everything figured out, celebrities, self-help writers…shit, politicians even. I know nothing. but I doubt I mean that how Socrates meant it.

19 is old enough for you to stop making the same mistakes. “Don’t expect different results if you keep doing the same thing.” My excuse is that am young, but everything, even excuses get old.

The dream is real. so is the self-doubt and the vulnerability. I shouldn’t have to suffer the same old trials, but actions lead to consequences and sometimes it’s easy to forget to be grateful.

The things that helped you get away are slowly betraying you and you’re relief is no longer at the bottom of a bottle. You’re friends are real and that means you’re just as alone as they are. My greatest fear is mediocrity…OK second greatest. the first being that am already there.

If your trying too hard, it’s not going to work out. I’ll sell my soul my soul for natural flow. I know the theory by heart, the do’s the don’ts.

This will probably pass. Tomorrow i might be in a a place where am actually looking back at this and look up to to say thank you for being in a better place. But it’s easier to regret things then be grateful for what you have.

“This tedious path I’ve chosen…I must keep reminding myself of this”                                        If this is how am going to be for the rest of my life, my heart will break, mu soul will wither. Maybe it’s a good thing i don’t really matter.

“all you touch and all you see is all you’ll ever be”                                                                                 Everything counts. every thought, every action adds up. Be better then you were yesterday and you’re good.

Don’t talk around me. I don’t want to listen. But tell me something and i’m game. Influence or be influenced. Be indifferent and nirvana is you.  It’s high time. But that only means intoxication.

“What are you but my reflection? Who am i to judge or strike you down?”                                    I both crave and fear isolation.




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