How to disappear completely

keep your head down kid
don’t let them see you
keep your eyes down
there’s nothing left inside anyway.

it wont make sense no matter what
so don’t even try kid
throwing your energy over petty tribulations
why bother kid?

let them run, let them play the anthems of their stories
just remember to breathe kid
you will pass without a trace just like the rest of them anway
just don’t get caught up kid

the world is not for the likes of you
no sense, no answers, nothing real to hold on to
except maybe the longing, noting else is real kid.

let the changes come, but don’t forget the clouds that linger above
read to break at the slightest fumble
you will be happy, but the sadness will make sure you stay true.
it’s just you kid. just don’t forget to breath kid.
and if they tell you to smile when you are sad,
clutch your heart and run the other way


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